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Party Platter Wraps

Our party platters are guaranteed to please. Go ahead and have fun, we'll do the work.

Please see How to Order at the bottom of this page.

  • 2 Slices pizza
  • 32 oz Fountain Soda
  • $4.49
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Our Party Platter Collection

Classic Deli Platter
Sliced turkey, honey ham, roast beef, Genoa salami, Swiss and
American cheese surrounding a center of crisp dill spears.

Classic Deli Platter Photo

Large-serves 25-30...$59.99
Medium-serves 10-15...$36.99

Condiment Tray
Everything you need to finish the table.
Lettuce, tomato, Bermuda onion, Dijon and mayonnaise
complete this tray.
Large-serves 25-30...$21.99
Medium-serves 10-15...$13.99

Breads & Rolls

Bread and Rolls Photo

Bulkie Rolls (12) $5.95
Sm. Sub Rolls (6) $3.95
Lg. Sub Rolls (6) $4.95

Club Sandwich Platter
Club Sandwich Platter Photo

Mini clubs featuring ham, turkey, roast beef and
American cheese.
Add bacon, lettuce & tomato
and you have the perfect
bite sized sandwich.
Serves 10-15... $39.99

Finger Roll Platter
A delicious assortment of chicken, tuna, ham, egg or seafood salad
finger roll sandwiches.
Please choose 3.

Finger Roll Platter Photo

Large-64 count...$74.99
Medium-32 count...$44.99

Wrap Platter
Choose from Mediterranean Style (Italian, Greek & vegetarian)
or Traditional Style (ham, turkey & roast beef).
Put them in your favorite flavor wrap
and create something special.

Mediterranean Wrap Platter PhotoTraditional Wrap Platter Photo

Serves 18-20...$39.99

Fresh Vegetable Tray
Fresh Vegetable Tray Photo

An assortment of fresh, crisp carrots, celery, broccoli,
cucumber and grape tomatoes surround
a flavorful ranch dip.
Large-serves 25-30... $44.99
Medium-serves 10-15...$26.99

Fruit and Cheese Sampler
Fruit and Cheese Sampler Photo

This appetizing tray includes
a delicious array of assorted cheeses
complimented with fresh seasonal fruit
and seedless grapes.
Large-serves 25-30...$49.99
Medium-serves 10-15...$36.99

Just A Snack Platter
Slices of Vermont sharp cheddar, pepperjack, provolone, Swiss,
Genoa salami and pepperoni slices.
Garnished with imported olives.
The perfect snack platter.
Serves 10-15...$34.99

Tea Pastry Tray
A beautiful assortment of petite éclairs, crème puffs,
decadent squares and brownies.
50pcs... $35.99

Fresh Deli Salads
Fresh Deli Salad Platter Photo

We can make a large assortment of deli salads, each made fresh.
Choose from tried and true favorites:
Macaroni, Pasta Twist, Potato & Egg, Caesar or Garden Salad.
- or -
Have us create something special for you.
Click for Salad Menu
Priced from $4.99lb

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How To Order

Please place your orders for party platters at least 48 hours in advance to be sure that we can meet your needs. Try to pick up your order the day of the party. This way you are assured of freshness at serving time. Prices subject to change without notice.  Back to Top

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